In late 2013, Frank Ocean had subjected his fans with a series of false starts and teased dates for his follow-up album to Channel Orange. Finally on August 20, the public finally released a long sigh of relief as his sophomore album entitled Blond and its companion magazine called Boys Don’t Cryare officially released.


Frank Ocean’s first foray back into the musical spotlight is the release of his visual album called Endless and a video for a new single called “Nikes” on Apple Music. Comes next is the long-teased zine Boys Don’t Cry, which were released for free at pop-up shops located in LA, NYC, Chicago, and London. The content of the 366-paged zine touches a sweet and poignant side of the artist’s personality. Among the contents are intimate interviews with Katonya Breaux (his mother) and Lil B, a rap in ode to McDonald’s from Kanye West, and a mix of photographs by Wolfgang Tillmans and Nabil Elderkin. But the highlight of the publication is the poem the singer wrote himself titled “Boyfriend.”




Now, there’s Blond, an album that fully explores Ocean’s creative. For this comeback, the artist transformed himself to an even more melancholic and avant-garde persona. With computerized ambience, wistful lyrics and the aid of contributors from different genres of music, Frank Ocean has really given justice to the hype and longing by delivering one of the most solid post-millennial pop record that will rule for decades to come.